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1959-63 CBS - TV SITCOM, Dennis the Menace 

55 Years: October 4, 1959 - Dennis the Menace premiers 

  Gloria Henry, Jay North, Herbert Anderson, Joseph Kearns and Sylvia Field.    

Premiered: October 04, 1959, on CBS

Premise: Sitcom mischief with cartoonist Hank Ketcham's comic-strip terror who really didn't mean to do all those things that drove Mr. Wilson crazy. -- from TV Guide

TV Address: 627 Elm Street, Hillsdale, USA 

Filming locations: Columbia Ranch, (now Warner) Screen Gems Division, 411 North Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA, and the former Columbia Studios Stage 7 for the interiors.

      Episodes: 146, 4 seasons 1959-1963                                                                                 

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      It was a more innocent time in American life during the late 50's and early 60’s. Doors remained unlocked, in the daytime, at least, and the kids could roam the neighborhood with abandon. There were no bike helmets or seat belts [how did we survive?]. And on TV there were separate, twin beds in the master bedrooms.

      Meet Dennis Mitchell (JAY NORTH). He lives at 627 Elm Street, HILLSDALE, somewhere in the US, with his parents, Henry and Alice. Next door at 625 Elm is his best adult friend, Mr. Wilson. Dennis is portrayed as the helpful young boy that always seemed to cause chaos -- a well meaning, enthusiastic and energetic kid who can’t seem to stay out of trouble.

       Dennis’ parents, Henry (HERBERT ANDERSON) and Alice (GLORIA HENRY) try to keep their only son’s antics in control. Mr. Wilson (JOSEPH KEARNS, and later, GALE GORDON), is neighbor to the Mitchell family, who often ends up being on the receiving end of Dennis’ disasters, although he still is fond that Dennis considers him his best friend. Dennis is usually around to help Mr. Wilson whether he wanted the help or not. His other best friend is his pal, Tommy Anderson (BILLY BOOTH)(JEANNIE RUSSELL) plays the part of Margaret, Dennis' nemesis.

        The 1959 -1963 CBS live-action situation comedy was based on the comic strip by the late Hank Ketcham. 


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"A beautifully written and constructed sitcom...that also just happens to be a "kiddie" show. Featuring witty scripting and inventive direction, Dennis the Menace delivers laughs with a consistency matched by the perfectly-drawn performances ―particularly Jay North's intensely funny, insistent turn as the well-intentioned, but mischievous devil, Dennis." --Paul Mavis     Read his reviews here

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