I have never been more impressed with a site about a television show as I have with your Dennis! site.  Great work!  Thank you for bringing back so many wonderful memories!  --Gary B.

Love the site! Thanks for a great site for all us Dennis fans. -- ChargerFan

You have a really great site! A lot of info about the show and I really love the photo galleries. -- Jack G.

I think it's excellently done. Thank you for this fansite, it's wonderful. -- Tom B.

I love your site! I am glad you started the site, as there was no good Dennis the Menace site covering the show thoroughly---M. H. 

Love the website....it's the best I have seen on DtM....I keep going back and I spend quite a lot of time on it ---Lawrence L.

Thank you for your excellent, well researched and well written web page. I know a great deal of work went, and goes, into it. -- a visitor from Louisville

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