Dennis' Neighborhood, 60 years later... 

"Nothing in Hollywood is permanent, and that once photographed, life here is ended." --  producer David O. Selznick

Top:  The Warner Ranch today where the Dennis the Menace exterior filming was done. The pool, fountain, and the sidewalk that goes around the perimeter of the park are seen clearly here. The old Boston Brownstone façades, left top of screen, are across the street from the fountain, and can be seen in some episodes. (Note that the house in the middle of the photo  was built for the 1998 film, Small Soldiers.)  The iconic fountain was moved in 2019 to a lot at Warner Bros. 

The Mitchell house location on "Elm Street" - known then and today as "Blondie" Street when Columbia was producing that series - is in the trees, on the left, as is the Wilson's, across from the pool. The brown-roofed home of Mrs Elkins (and later as The Partridge Family  home) is visible on the lower left, next to the house on the corner, and was home to "The Middle" series. For more on the Wilson, Elkins, and Mitchell houses, go to the  Mitchell-Wilson-Elkins Homes page on this website. (photo from Bing)

(Go to and use 411 North Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA for the address.)

This view looking southwest down Elm Street - old city buildings on lower right. Lower white dot is Mitchell's, upper is Wilson's. Mrs Elkins house (later Partridge Family) with the brown roof is next, then the corner house where the church facade stood from 1953 to 1970  - damaged due to the fires that year. Image (c) Bing

 Above: this is what you would see today on this end of Elm Street where it intersects Mississippi Street (series names). In the foreground is the sidewalk that goes around the perimeter of the park. We can picture Dennis, Margaret, and Tommy riding their bikes here. In the right background is the house used for Bewitched. (That façade was built in 1962, Season 3 of DtM) . Note the high rise office buildings (Disney Channel headquarters, for one) beyond the Ventura Freeway,  really spoiling the illusion. If we made a left turn here on Mississippi Street we would see Dennis' best-pal Tommy Anderson's house on the right. You can see it on the extreme left in the photo above when it was painted yellow. At this curve is where George Wilson tells Dennis he is going home and proceeds to go the wrong way. (above photo from Warner Virtual Tour. Go to Links to visit that site). An updated photo of Tommy's house is below.  

Above: Mr Wilson (Joseph Kearns) heads home and about to meet up with Dennis and Tommy in "The Raffle Ticket". Note Tommy's house. This curve in the sidewalk is still there with Mississippi Street in the background. What is left of the Deed's mansion facade is seen to the left of Tommy's house.

Below: Dennis' best-friend Tommy Anderson's house, as it appeared in the series, was built in 1938 and is one of only three original structures left on the Ranch. It was also used for the Baxter home in Hazel and the Lawrence home in Gidget.                   

Today, we see Tommy's house  with an updated roof & siding with white trim, plus a gable and window added on the right side. The exterior was used for episodes of "The Middle" (2009-2017) on ABC. (photo from

This corner (aerial view below) was formerly occupied by the church façade (upper left corner) until 1970 when it, the Elkins and Wilson homes were destroyed by fire. The new church façade was downsized and set back further in the lot. The corner house was used for filming of "The Middle" sitcom on ABC. To the right of the Elkins' house and across from the pool is the Wilson house, with two windows visible on the left side, but without the picket fence.  The house in the bottom left of the photo was used in DtM as the homes of Mrs. Elkins and Esther Cathcart in Season 4. (From 1964 to 1972 it was the house used for "Bewitched").                                                                                                                                                    (Google photo (c)2018)        


   Here it is as seen in Young Sheldon (CBS)

Corner of Elm Street & Mississippi....A large church façade (below left) was formerly on this site from 1953 to 1970.  The façade  was rebuilt much smaller after the fires of 1970 - that also destroyed the Elkins' ("The Partridge Family") house and Wilson home ("I Dream of Jeannie", "Father Knows Best") next door. The church was also pushed further back in the lot after the rebuild . (see photo bottom of page) Photo from

below: The Middle  house today as  was seen on the ABC series 2009-2017. The church & steeple are on a separate  lot to the rear of the house.  (Warner photo) 

       This view of the Ranch looks northeast, with the church façade lower left. Note how it is only finished on one side. "The Middle"  house was center with two vehicles parked behind it next to the Elkins/Partridge Family house, and the Bewitched  house façade lower right. Note that both houses & the church have solid back walls, which is typical. That is busy W. Oak Street at the bottom of the photo. The Middle  house was located where the large church façade sat (from 1953 to 1970) and faced Elm Street. The Flying Nun (1967-70)  convent sets & the church façade were located where The Middle house was located during the run of that series.  (Warner photo)

Below: final photo of the Elkins - Partridge Family home before porch addition (Warner photo)