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 Dennis the Menace Air Dates season: 1
           1963 to 2013: 50th Anniversary Air Dates, starting with #122 
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Ep #Season
Air Date
 10111959-10-04Dennis Goes to the Movies (series pilot)
 20221959-10-11Dennis & the Signpost 
 30331959-10-18The Fishing Trip 
 40441959-10-25Grandpa and Miss Cathcart 
 50551959-11-01Innocents in Space 
 60661959-11-08Dennis' Garden 
 70771959-11-15The New Neighbors 
 80881959-11-22Tenting Tonight 
 90991959-11-29Dennis Sells Bottles   
 1010101959-12-06Mr. Wilson's Award 
 1111111959-12-20The Christmas Story 
 1212121959-12-27Dennis and the Cowboy 
 1313131960-01-03Dennis Haunts a House 
 1414141960-01-10Dennis' Tree House 
 1515151960-01-17Dennis and the Rare Coin 
 1616161960-01-24Dennis and the Bike 
 1717171960-02-07Dennis and the Open House 
 1818181960-02-14Dennis and the Duck 
 1919191960-02-21Dennis and the Swing 
 2020201960-02-28Dennis and the Dog 
 2121211960-03-06Mr. Wilson's Sister 
 2222221960-03-13Dennis and the TV Set 
 2323231960-03-27Dennis Creates a Hero 
 2424241960-04-10Dennis' Paper Drive 
 2525251960-04-17Dennis and the Bees 
 2626261960-04-24Alice's Birthday 
 2727271960-05-01Dennis Becomes a Baby Sitter 
 2828281960-05-08Dennis and the Starlings 
 2929291960-05-15The Party Line 
 3030301960-05-22Dennis by Proxy 
 3131311960-05-29Dennis Runs Away 
 3232321960-06-12Miss Cathcart's Sunsuit 
Dennis the Menace Air Dates season: 2

 3301331960-10-02Out of Retirement 
 3402341960-10-09Dennis and the Wedding 
 3503351960-10-16Dennis and the Radio Set 
 3604361960-10-23Dennis and the Ham-pher 
 3705371960-10-30The Stock Certificate 
 3806381960-11-06Man of the House 
 3907391960-11-13The Rock Collection 
 4008401960-11-20Henry and Togetherness 
 4109411960-11-27Paint-up, Clean-up Week 
 4210421960-12-04Dennis Learns to Whistle 
 4311431960-12-18The Raffle Ticket 
 4412441960-12-25The Christmas Horse 
 4513451961-01-01Dennis' Allowance 
 4614461961-01-08Dennis' Penny Collection 
 4715471961-01-15Dennis, the Campaign Manager 
 4816481961-01-22Miss Cathcart's Friend 
 4917491961-01-29Pythias Was a Piker 
 5018501961-02-05Dennis and the Saxophone 
 5119511961-02-12Wilson Sleeps Over 
 5220521961-02-19Dennis' Birthday 
 5321531961-02-26Dennis Goes to Camp 
 5422541961-03-05Dennis' Tool Chest 
 5523551961-03-12The Going Away Gift 
 5624561961-03-19Dennis and the Fishing Rod 
 5725571961-03-26Dennis and the Good Example 
 5826581961-04-02Dennis' Obligation 
 5927591961-04-09The Dog Trainer 
 6028601961-04-16Woodman, Spare That Tree 
 6129611961-04-23The Boy Wonder 
 6230621961-04-30The Soapbox Derby 
 6331631961-05-07Dennis and the Camera 
 6432641961-05-14Dennis and the Miracle Plant Food 
 6533651961-05-21Dennis' Newspaper 
 6634661961-05-28Mr. Wilson's Paradise 
 6735671961-06-04The Fortune Cookie 
 6836681961-06-11The Pioneers 
 6937691961-06-18Father's Day for Mr. Wilson 
 7038701961-06-25Dennis and the Picnic 

Dennis the Menace Air Dates season: 3
 7101711961-10-01Trouble from Mars 
 7202721961-10-08Best Neighbor 
 7303731961-10-15Keep Off the Grass 
 7404741961-10-22Mr. Wilson's Safe 
 7505751961-10-29Haunted House 
 7606761961-11-05The School Play 
 7707771961-11-12The Fifty-Thousandth Customer 
 7808781961-11-19Dennis and the Pee Wee League 
 7909791961-11-26Mr. Wilson's Inheritance 
 8010801961-12-03Dennis Is a Genius 
 8111811961-12-17The Lucky Piece 
 8212821961-12-24The Fifteen Foot Christmas Tree 
 8313831961-12-31Dennis' Bank Account 
 8414841962-01-07Through Thick and Thin 
 8515851962-01-14Calling All Bird Lovers 
 8616861962-01-21Silence Is Golden 
 8717871962-01-28Dennis Has a Fling 
 8818881962-02-04Frog Jumping Contest 
 8919891962-02-11Where There's a Will 
 9020901962-02-18Mr. Wilson's Uncle 
 9121911962-02-25A Quiet Evening 
 9222921962-03-04The Private Eye 
 9323931962-03-11Mr. Wilson's Housekeeper 
 9424941962-03-18A Dog's Life 
 9525951962-03-25Dennis' Documentary Film 
 9626961962-04-01Horseless Carriage Club 
 9727971962-04-08Junior Pathfinders Ride Again 
 9828981962-04-15The Treasure Chest 
 9929991962-04-29Wilson Goes to the Dentist 
 100301001962-05-06The Man Next Door (50th anniversary date of last episode that Joe Kearns was in.)
 101311011962-05-13Dennis and the Dodger 
 102321021962-05-20Dennis' Lovesick Friend 
 103331031962-05-27John Wilson's Cushion - first appearance of Gale Gordon as John Wilson
 104341041962-06-03John Wilson Wins a Chicken 
 105351051962-06-10The Bully 
 106361061962-06-17The Club Initiation 
 107371071962-06-24Community Picnic (final appearance of Sylvia Field)
 108381081962-07-01Dennis and the Witch Doctor 

Dennis the Menace Air Dates season: 4
 109011091962-09-30The Chinese Girl 
 110021101962-10-07You Go Your Way 
 111031111962-10-14Dennis and the Circular Circumstances 
 112041121962-10-21The Little Judge 
 113051131962-10-28Poor Mr. Wilson 
 114061141962-11-04Dennis in Gypsyland 
 115071151962-11-11The New Principal 
 116081161962-11-18San Diego Safari 
 117091171962-11-25Dennis at Boot Camp 
 118101181962-12-02Henry's New Job 
 119111191962-12-16Wilson's Second Childhood 
 120121201962-12-23Jane Butterfield Says 
 121131211962-12-30Dennis and the Hermit 
 122141221963-01-06My Uncle Ned 
 123151231963-01-13Junior Astronaut 
 124161241963-01-20Wilson's Little White Lie 
 125171251963-01-27Dennis, the Rain Maker 
 126181261963-02-03The Creature with the Big Feet 
 127191271963-02-10Dennis, the Confused Cupid 
 128201281963-02-17Dennis Goes to Washington 
 129211291963-02-24The Big Basketball Game 
 130221301963-03-03Wilson's Allergy 
 131231311963-03-10Baby Booties 
 132241321963-03-17My Four Boys 
 133251331963-03-24Dennis and the Homing Pigeons 
 134261341963-03-31A Tax on Cats 
 135271351963-04-07The Uninvited Guest 
 136281361963-04-14Dennis Plays Robin Hood 
 137291371963-04-21The Three F's 
 138301381963-04-28Never Say Dye 
 139311391963-05-05The Lost Dog 
 140321401963-05-12Tuxedo Trouble 
 141331411963-05-19Hawaiian Love Song 
 142341421963-05-26The Lucky Rabbit's Foot 
 143351431963-06-02Listen to the Mockingbird 
 144361441963-06-09First Editions 
 145371451963-06-16A Man Among Men 
 146381461963-07-07Aunt Emma Visits the Wilson's (final episode)
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