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The DtM series had a number of guest stars over the series run. Here are a few: 

  • Mel Blanc, a Hollywood voice acting specialist, was cast as Leo Trinkle, the town dogcatcher, who develops an interest in Esther Cathcart, the town spinster played by Mary Wickes, in the 1961 episode "Miss Cathcart's Friend".
  • Spring Byington, formerly of CBS's December Bride, played herself in the 1961 episode "Dennis Birthday", with Vaughn Taylor also appearing in this segment.
  • Elinor Donahue, formerly the character Betty Anderson on the sitcom Father Knows Best, portrayed Georgiana Balanger in the 1960 episode "Dennis and the Wedding". In the story line, Georgiana is the niece of George Wilson, and Dennis is selected as the ring-bearer at her wedding. The cranky Mr. Wilson worries that Dennis could disrupt the whole ceremony.
  • Bob Dornan, later a Republican U.S. Representative from California, was cast as Lieutenant Alden in the 1962 episode "Dennis at Boot Camp". Roy Roberts played Captain Stone in the same segment.
  • Verna Felton appeared in the series finale as John Wilson's aunt in "Aunt Emma Visits the Wilsons". In the story line, Mr. Wilson tries to convince Aunt Emma to leave her estate to him and his wife, Eloise. He then becomes suspicious and jealous when Emma begins spending time with Dennis.
  • Bob Hastings appeared five times on the series, most notably as Coach Gilmore in the 1963 episode, "The Big Basketball Game".
  • Cheryl Holdridge, an original member of the Mickey Mouse Club, was cast as Helen Franklin in "Dennis' Lovesick Friend", the second episode without Joseph Kearns as Mr. Wilson. Instead, this segment features Edward Everett Horton as Uncle Ned Wilson.
  • Sandy KoufaxLos Angeles Dodgers pitcher, appeared as himself in the episode "Dennis and the Dodger", the first episode without Joseph Kearns.
  • John A. "Shorty" Powers, a lieutenant colonel in the United States Air Force known as the "Voice of the Astronauts", portrayed himself in the 1963 episode "Junior Astronaut". -- some material from Wikipedia

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