The Mitchell's & Wilson's 

Celebrate Christmas

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There were 3 Dennis the Menace Christmas shows:

Season One: The Christmas Story, aired 12/20/1959 

Season Two: The Christmas Horse, aired 12/25/1960

Season Three: The Fifteen-Foot Christmas Tree, aired 12/24/1961

Play the Silent Night & Jingle Bells music below:

JingleBells-Screen Gems Orc.mp3

Silent Night-2.mp3

 Earnest Truex played the part of Mr. McGuire. In real-life, he was the husband of Sylvia Field.

 " I think this is the only scene ever shot where they actually used the fireplace on the Mitchell house set."                                (from Ken W, Missouri)

                                 Dennis exclaims "it's snowing!" 

clockwise from left: Dennis gets the sled he wanted. George has a tender moment. Now, everyone to the window to see it snowing!  

Dennis is ready for Santa (Joe Kearns) to bring him a horse

   The Mitchell's house is at right, after a "Hollywood" snowfall

"I love this scene with Dennis making popcorn while Alice decorates the tree,  Martha is stringing what looks like cranberries. She handed a completed string to Dennis who takes them to Alice, who starts putting them on the tree. George and Henry just enjoying the fellowship of the season.  It depicts the best in and friends gathering to celebrate Christmas." photo & text from Ken W.)