Mr. George Wilson:

"Oh, Great Scot!"

"For Pete’s Sake, Martha, where’s my nerve medicine?!"

"Martha, hand me my nerve medicine!"

"And to think I dumped-out all of my nerve medicine!" 

"Martha, sometimes that kid drives me nuts!"


"Martha, that boy drives me nuts!"

"Oh, Fiddle Faddle"

"Oh, Fiddle Sticks!"

"Oh, Good Grief!" 

"Oh, Good Gravy!"

"Oh, Joy!"

"Oh, for Pete's sake"

"Oh, for Heaven's sake"

"Well, Bully for You!"

"Oh, that's just peachy-dandy!" (also said by John Wilson)

"Give me strength!" (with eyes upward)

"You have far better friends than me." (to Dennis) 

"Dennis! Home!" "Go Homeeeeeeeeeee!"

"You're full of pep, cheerful, always helping everybody --- Dennis, you drive me nuts!"

to Martha: " I will treat Dennis the way I always do, with love and affection -- but with a firm hand".


"Hellooooooooo, Mr. Wil-son!"

"I was only trying to help!"

"Good ‘Ol Mr. Wilson"

(to mom) "You’re the best Mom in the whole world!"  

"You’re my best friend, Mr. Wilson."

"Gee, Mr. Wilson - you're the best friend a kid could ever have."

"Gee!, Mr. Wilson!" 

"Gee Mr. Wilson, for a grownup, you're swell".


"Gee Whiz!"

"Heck, No!"

"Holy Moly"

"Jeepers, that would be swell!"

"Jeepers, Mr. Wilson!" 

"Oh, Boy!"

"Holy Baloney!"

"That's swell!"


"Oh, Good Grief!" & "Good Gravy" (yes, he actually said both talking to Margaret!)

"It's just dumb 'ol Margaret."

Margaret: "You'd make a terrible father". 

Dennis: "Well, you'd be a pretty crummy mother if you go around hitting people over the head with your children!" "You're too short to be a mother!"

"Jeepers, I must be the only kid in the world that's henpecked!"

Alice (and Henry): "Dennis!"

Alice: "Dennis, you come back here!"

Henry: "Come here young man!" & "Dennis Mitchell!"

Martha: "Oh, Dear!", "Oh, George!"; "So many of the things George does are for the birds".

Mr. John Wilson:

"Oh, Great Caesar’s Ghost!"

"Oh, Great Christopher!"

"Oh, that's just peachy-dandy!"

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