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  • Joey McDonald (Gil Smith) – Dennis's friend (8 episodes, 1959–1960).
  • Seymour Williams  (Robert John Pittman  – Dennis's friend (31 episodes, 1961–1963).
  • Stewart (Ron Howard) - another of Dennis's friends, six episodes from 1959 to 1960 before he joined The Andy Griffith Show.
  • The Bradys – Johnny was Dennis's nemesis, the neighborhood braggart with a better-than-you attitude – shown to everyone but his father Charles – who annoys adults with the same arrogance. Johnny was played by Gregory Irvin. Laurence Haddon was cast as Charles Brady.
  • Sergeant Theodore Mooney (George Cisar) – Policeman, 31 episodes. 
  • Mrs. Lucy Elkins (Irene Tedrow) – a Mitchell neighbor, 26 episodes.
  • Mr. Otis Quigley (Willard Waterman) – Grocer (14 episodes, 1959-1963).
  • Miss Esther Cathcart (Mary Wickes) – Spinster (10 episodes, 1959-1962).
  • Mr. Lawrence Finch (Charles Lane) – Drugstore owner, six episodes from 1960 to 1962; subsequently on The Lucy Show as a banker.
  • Mr. Krinkie (Charles Seel) - Newspaper editor (9 episodes, 1960-1963).
  • Opie Swanson (Dub Taylor) - Electrician (3 episodes, 1960).
  • Mrs. Holland (Helen Kleeb) - a Mitchell neighbor and Mrs. Elkins' friend, five episodes from 1959 to 1962, three as Mrs. Holland. 
  • Mr. Dorfman (Robert B. Williams)  - Postman.
  • Mr. Hall (J. Edward McKinley) - Mr. Mitchell's boss.
  • Mrs. Purcell (Eve McVeagh) - a Mitchell neighbor.
  • Mrs. Toland - Mr. Wilson's neighbor.
  • Foster A Steward - (Ned Weaver) Chief of Police.
  • Mrs. Schooner (Lillian Culver) - Cast in seven episodes, 1959-1963.
  • Mrs. Armstrong (Regina Gleason) - Mrs. Mitchell's friend.
  • Mr. Merrivale (Will Wright) - Florist, 4 episodes
  • **Grandma Mitchell (Katherine Mulqueen) - Cast in eight episodes in 1961 while Gloria Henry was on maternity leave
  • Uncle Ned (Edward Everett Horton) - George and John Wilson's uncle, three episodes.
  • Buzz (Chubby Johnson) - The salvage man, appeared in the episodes "The School Play" and "Dennis and the Pee Wee League" (both 1961) and "The Treasure Chest" (1962).
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