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Disc 1

1) "Dennis Goes to the Movies." Dennis eludes his babysitter to go to the movie that his parents are seeing. (this was the pilot for the series)

2) "Dennis and the Signpost." Dennis and Tommy replace a fallen street signpost.

3) "The Fishing Trip." Henry and George try to go fishing without Dennis.

4) "Grandpa and Miss Cathcart." Dennis tries to fix up his Grandpa Perkins with Miss Cathcart.

5) "Innocents in Space." Mr. Wilson thinks he has discovered a space satellite.

6) "Dennis' Garden." Dennis mistakenly raises Mr. Wilson's expensive dahlia bulbs, while Mr. Wilson ends up raising ordinary sweet potatoes.

7) "The New Neighbors." Dennis helps Mr. Wilson sell a neighbor's house.

Disc 2
8) "Tenting Tonight." When Dennis and Tommy camp out in the backyard, Mr. Wilson suspects wild animals are going to attack them.

9) "Dennis Sells Bottles." Dennis thinks his dad is broke, so he sells bottles in an attempt to make some extra money.

10) "Mr. Wilson's Award." In order to keep Mr. Wilson in town for an award he is due to receive, Dennis is led to believe he and his family are moving to New York.

11) "The Christmas Story." Dennis goes crazy trying to find his gifts.

12) "Dennis and the Cowboy." Dennis meets Whip Crawford, his cowboy idol, after Mrs. Webster tells Dennis that Whip will be in the community pageant.

13) "Dennis Haunts a House." Mr. Wilson becomes suspicious when he hears noises caused by Dennis and his friends, who've set up their clubhouse in a crawlspace underneath his house.

14) "Dennis' Tree House." Mr. Wilson attempts to teach Dennis about bird-watching, and Dennis takes care of a sick bird.

Disc 3
15) "Dennis and the Rare Coin." Mr. Wilson purchases a rare coin for $250, but Mrs. Wilson, without realizing it, lets Dennis take it to use in a wishing well.

16) "Dennis and the Bike." When his parents won't buy him a bicycle, Dennis attempts to get one on his own.

17) "Dennis and the Open House." The Mitchells are having an open-house party and are worried that Dennis may, somehow, make trouble.

18) "Dennis and the Duck." Dennis' duck causes problems in Mr. Wilson's garden and Mr. Wilson warns Dennis to keep him out.

19) "Dennis and the Swing." Henry tries to take Alice out for their anniversary. Meanwhile, Dennis tries to build a swing in his yard and ends up chasing a cat up a tree in the process.

20) "Dennis and the Dog." Dennis cares for a dog named Charlie who turns out to be quite an artist.

21) "Mr. Wilson's Sister." After being read Treasure Island, Dennis and Tommy become fascinated with buried treasure.

Disc 4
22) "Dennis and the TV Set." Dennis uses his friend's remote control to operate Mr. Wilson's television from his house, and Mr. Wilson can't understand what's happening.

23) "Dennis Creates a Hero." Dennis asks a reporter to write a story about his dad with hopes of getting his picture in the paper.

24) "Dennis' Paper Drive." Dennis and Tommy collect newspapers for a paper drive that will reward the boy who collects the most with a silver dollar.

25) "Dennis and the Bees." Dennis and Tommy learn that Opie might have to move because his bees can't find honey. So the boys move Mr. Wilson's indoor flowers outside to attract the bees, and Dennis has a plan to attract even more.

26) "Alice's Birthday." Henry will be out of town for Alice's birthday, so he gives Dennis some money and tells him to see that his mother has a nice day.

27) "Dennis Becomes a Baby Sitter." When Henry and George mistakenly both cancel their respective sitters, Dennis and another young boy are left alone to wreak havoc.

28) "Dennis and the Starlings." Mr. Wilson has a bunch of starlings in his tree and wants to get rid of them. In his attempt to help out, Dennis only incites a whole new problem.

Disc 5
29) "The Party Line." The Driscolls are new neighbors, but problems arise because their phone is on the same line as the Mitchell's.

30) "Dennis by Proxy." After hearing that the city is tearing down Mr. Dorfman's Postman's Rest bench in favor of a parking lot, Dennis and Tommy offer him use of their private bench they plan to build.

31) "Dennis Runs Away." When Dennis has no one to play with, he decides to walk to his grandfather's house, which is miles away.

32) "Miss Cathcart's Sunsuit." Dennis and Tommy try to sell Valentine's Day cards in July to buy swim fins.