The view today looking south on Elm Street in Hillsdale, with the Disney Channel and Discover Channel high-rises across the Ventura freeway from the Warner Ranch. The pool is across the street from the  Wilson home, but was not used in any episodes.  Beyond the pool and the trees is Tommy's house and beyond that the Hollywood Hills (which doubled as Walton's Mountain in that series). (Warner Bros photo)

Where is Hillsdale?

               The Mitchell’s and the Wilson's, Dennis’ best friend Tommy Anderson, plus the residents of the Elkins' house (not always occupied by Lucy Elkins) along with Miss Esther Cathcart, and Margaret Wade (not sure where her house was), all lived in Hillsdale.... along with Otis Quigley the grocery owner and Lawrence Finch who owned the drug store. Would that be in California, Michigan, or Wyoming, or New York, or Hillsdale, New Jersey?  

              Hillsdale may be in California: in "Mr. Wilson's Paradise", Henry says the Island of Happiness, in Mexico, is only "2 hours away by jet". Also, the signs in grocer Quigley's market do say "California", along with the fruit they are advertising (See" Dennis' Penny Collection", Season 2). But just as Georgia peaches sell out of state, so does California fruit. Henry said in "Out of Retirement" that George helped him shovel snow....which would eliminate the warmer  states for sure.  Also, in "The Haunted House" the ghost, played by Harold Gould,  says he has to catch the 1222 train to Florida, so maybe Hillsdale is in the Midwest or South.

             One Internet posting credited "TV Guide's 50th" program that said the fictional town of Hillsdale was in California. 

              We may never know what the writers had in mind when they chose Hillsdale, but one thing is for sure: it appeared to be a fine place to live and raise a family. –  Dennis! website Editor

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